Changes to the Water Treatment Process

On Monday, August 1, 2016, the City of Elkins will start adding a polyphosphate corrosion inhibitor to our water treatment process.

Here are some basic facts of what we anticipate during the transition period:

  • Within the first three months, August 1st – October 1st, which is the initial break in period of adding phosphate to a system, it is possible to have cloudy or somewhat turbid water in the distribution system periodically. This is an indicator of the phosphate doing what it is intended to do as the phosphate is designed to remove any calcium and iron/manganese hardness buildup in the distribution system. During the break-in period, the phosphate will form a base layer on the distribution system piping in a controlled filming treatment. This method of treatment provides a strong protective film while scrubbing away old deposits and biofilm formations and also allows for the sequestering of metals.
  • Blended phosphates use the ortho and poly forms of phosphate to produce products capable of corrosion control and sequestering and are more stable than many single ingredient formulations. We look forward to seeing the future results in the ongoing protection and advancement of our combined systems.