2018-2023 Strategic Plan

Strategic planning is a process that organizations use to set priorities, focus energy and resources, finetune and strengthen operations, establish agreed outcomes, and ensure that everyone is working toward common goals. Strategic planning is a means of determining not only the direction an organization wants to go but the also the actions needed to get there.

The City of Elkins 2018-2023 Strategic Plan is the result of a yearlong strategic planning process that lasted from late 2017 to late 2018. Elected and appointed officials worked with a facilitator to analyze the city’s and city government’s strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities and determine appropriate goals and objectives. These goals and objectives were then incorporated into a draft strategic plan that was made available to the public for comment in August 2018. The final plan was adopted by Elkins Common Council in September 2018.

By its nature, a plan such as this one must be considered fluid and adaptable to changing circumstances and unexpected events. However, it provides a framework to be used by council, the mayor, and the city’s administrative officers when making decisions about resource utilization, work flow prioritization, and successful outcome identification.

A copy of the plan may be downloaded here.