Council Committees

Elkins Common Council has six main committees. Members of the public who wish to seek council action on a particular matter should start by bringing this matter to the attention of the appropriate committee chair, who can then plan to discuss it in a committee meeting.

  1. Finance Committee: Hears and makes recommendations to council concerning requests for budget revisions, compensation adjustments, and any other requests or proposals potentially affecting the city’s financial condition; collaborates with Administrative Officers on each year’s proposed general and enterprise fund budgets before making recommendations concerning same to council; and authorizes expenditures from the “uncommitted funds” category of each fiscal year’s “Contributions to Outside Organizations” worksheet.
  2. Rules and Ordinances Committee: Devises and recommends new or changes to existing ordinances and rules.
  3. Municipal Properties Committee: Monitors and reports to council on the condition of and proposed plans for city buildings, real estate, and rights-of-way (i.e., streets, alleys, sidewalks); hears and makes recommendations to council concerning public comments/complaints about city buildings, real estate, infrastructure, and rights-of-way.
  4. Personnel Committee: Monitors effectiveness of and makes recommendations to council concerning personnel policies; reviews performance of administrative officers before salary negotiations/reappointment; selects recipients of Employee of the Quarter designation or similar awards.
  5. Public Safety Committee: Addresses the needs of the Police and Fire Departments; makes recommendations to committees and council regarding ways to address public safety concerns.
  6. Revenue Committee: Reviews current and pursues potential new revenue streams for the City.

Committee Membership

Finance Committee: 

  • Chair: Bob Woolwine
  • Charles H. Friddle, III
  • Marilynn Cuonzo

Rules and Ordinances Committee:

  • Chair: Linda Vest
  • Carman Metheney
  • Robert Chenoweth

Municipal Properties Committee:

  • Chair: Marilynn Cuonzo
  • Bob Woolwine
  • Christopher Lowther

Personnel Committee:

  • Chair: Gene Ochsendorf
  • Mary Hazen
  • Dave Parker

Public Safety Committee:

  • Chair: Dave Parker
  • Carman Metheny
  • Gene Ochsendorf

Revenue Committee:

  • Chair: Charles Friddle, III
  • Robert Chenoweth
  • Linda Vest

Council member contact information is available here.

Committee Meetings
All committees meet on a regular schedule, as shown in the table below. However, because meeting times may change due to members’ other commitments, please refer to our online calendar, which is updated frequently, or call the City Clerk at 304-636-1414, ext. 1211.

Finance1st Monday8:00AMCity Hall - Room 212
Municipal Properties3rd Wednesday8:00AMCity Hall - Room 315
Personnel2nd Monday8:30AMCity Hall - Room 212
Rules & Ordinances2nd Thursday12:00PMCity Hall - Room 212
Public Safety2nd Monday9:30AMCity Hall - Room 212
Revenue3rd Thursday5:30PMCity Hall - Room 212