Sanitation Supervisor:
Terrill Roth
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone: 304-636-2734 or 304-636-1414 Ext. 3601

Special Pick-up Request: 304-636-1414 Ext. 1437 (Peggy)
Extra Pick-up Request: 304-636-1414 Ext. 1720 or 1715 (Carolyn or Karen)

Landfill Manager:
Donnie Hedrick


Tygarts Valley Sanitation and Transfer Station - 304-338-2003; Dailey, WV

Tygarts Valley Conservation District and Randolph County Recycling Center - 304-636-2691; Elkins, WV

Garbage Pick-up Schedule

Alley-(Easy Street), Alley-(S. Henry-S. Kerens), Alley-(S. Kerens-S. Davis), Baxter Street, Blaine Avenue, Bill Teter Alley, Chestnut Street, Children Day Care, Coke Alley, Cole Avenue, Conaway Drive, Evans Street, Evergreen Drive, Ferndale Drive, Fifteenth Street (15th),McDowell Street, Miller Dist., Riverview Drive, Robinhood Lane, Scott Ford Road, Sixteenth Street (16th), South Davis Avenue, Southgate Road, South Henry Avenue, South Kerens Avenue, Sylvester Drive, Tannery Road, Thirteenth Street (13th), Twelfth Street (12th), Vector Avenue, Ward Alley, Ward Avenue, Whiteman Avenue, Eleventh Street (11th), Easy Street, and Tygart Avenue.

Alley-(Elm-Boundary), Boundary Avenue, Boyd Street, Buffalo Street, Cherry Street, Court House, Diamond Street, Dodd’s Flower Shop (Alley), Earl Street, Ed Weese Alley, Guy Street, Davis Electric, Harpertown Road, High Street, Ken Auvil Apt., Key Street, Kump Alley, Locust Street, Appalachian Community Health, Oak Street, Park Street, Randolph Avenue, Terrace Avenue, Vine Street, Weese Street, WIC, Summit Street, Elm Street, and Howell Street.

Alley-(Central-Main), Alley-(Dent-Main), Alley-(Harrison-Gorman), Alley-(Harrison-Yokum), Alley-(Pleasant-Grant), Barnard Avenue, Blue Grass, Central Street, Children’s Home, Doctors Hill, Ervin Lane, Findley Street, Gilmore Street, Glendale Drive, Goff Street, Gorman Avenue, Grant Street, Hanley Street, Harrison Avenue, Jack Carr Hill, Kerens Hill, Lena’s Beauty Shop, Main Street, Maplewood, North Street, N.E. Randolph Avenue, Orchard Street, Pleasant Avenue, Porter Avenue, Red House Alley, Robert E. Lee, Robert E. Lee Alley, Seventh Street (7th), Virginia Avenue, Walnut Street, Wayne Avenue, Wilson Street, Worth Avenue, Yokum Street, Bruce Street, Dairy Avenue, and West Main Street.

Alley-(Henry-John), Barron Avenue, Center Street, Cherokee Street, Davis Electric, Davis Street, Eleventh Street(Car Wash-11th), Factory Street, F.E. Runner Alley, First Street (1st), Graham Street, Henry Avenue, Jim Lewis Alley, John Street Alley, Kroger Alley, Lavalette Avenue, Livingston Avenue, Miller Dist., Moose Alley, Old Seneca Road, Pepsi Alley, River Street, Route 33, So. Davis Avenue, So. Randolph Avenue, Second Street (2nd), Street Cans, Thirteenth Street (13th), Wards Avenue, Taylor Avenue, Delaware Avenue, and Bridgewater.

Alley-(Heavner-George), Alley-(L. Pleasant-Children’s Home), Alley-(Orchard-State), Andrews Street, Children’s Home, City Hall Alley, College Street Alley, Ellis Avenue, Fifth Street (5th), Fourth Street (4th), Gateway Apartments, George Street, Graceland Drive, Grandview Drive, Harrison Avenue Alley, Heavener Avenue, Henry Avenue, John Street, Kerens Street, Knapp Street, Lincoln Avenue, Moore Street, Motor Lodge, Mountaineer Drive, Orchard Street, Pleasant Avenue, Railroad Avenue, Second Street (2nd), Sixth Street (6th), Southview Drive, Spruce Street, State Street, Sunset Drive, Sycamore Drive, West Central White Oak Lane, Wilton Street, Jones Lane, and Whisperwood.


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