Event Requests

It is illegal to close or block a city sidewalk or street without city officials’ permission.

If your organization or group plans to hold an event that would require that a sidewalk or street be closed, please contact the mayor’s executive secretary to obtain an event request packet. Your request must be reviewed by several administrative officers, so please start this process at least two weeks before your planned event. An event request packet may also be downloaded by clicking here.

Insurance and Indemnification
Please note that the city will not approve your event request unless you submit an insurance certificate, on a policy of at least $1 million in liability insurance, naming “City of Elkins” as an additional insured party. If you or your organization does not already carry this form of insurance, you should contact an insurance agency to obtain event insurance (typically $250-$500, depending on the nature of your event). The city also requires that you complete the “Indemnity, Defense, and Save Harmless Agreement” that is part of the event request packet available at the above link.

Town Square
The city does not control the “town square,” behind the Elkins Depot Welcome Center. It is the property of the Randolph County Development Authority. Therefore, the city plays no role in granting permission to use this space.

Mayor’s Executive Secretary
Lea Crawford
Phone: (304) 636-1414, ext. 1110
401 Davis Avenue, Elkins, WV, 26241