Recycling In Elkins


The city does not directly administer any recycling services, beyond a drop off location for yard waste. However, we encourage citizens to take advantage of the services offered by the Randolph County Solid Waste Authority (RCSWA) and privately owned businesses located in and around Elkins. These facilities and what materials they accept can be found below as well as on the RCSWA site.

  • BATTERIES -household batteries (A, AA, AAA, C, D, etc.; No vehicle or small engine batteries
    • Davis & Elkins College @ Eshleman Science Center 4th floor
  • CANS – ALUMINUM or STEEL – beverage cans; food cans; coffee cans; aluminum foil. (NO chemical or paint cans; aerosol spray cans, appliances; power tools or batteries)
    • Randolph County Recycling Center @ 10 Eleventh St.
  • CARDBOARD – corrugated only. (NO wet, soiled or waxed cardboard; NO styrofoam)
    • Randolph County Recycling Center @ 10 Eleventh St.
    • RCSWA and D&E GreenWorks! club are sponsoring an E-cycling event. Click here to see PC Renewal’s website for a detailed list of what WILL and WILL NOT be accepted.
      • June 16, 2018, 9a – 12p @ Phil Gainer Community Center on Robert E. Lee Ave. Ext.
  • PAPER PRODUCTS – office paper; newspaper; magazines; glossy mail flyers; catalogs. (NO wet, soiled or waxed paper; used paper towels or plates; spiral notebooks)
    • Randolph County Recycling Center @ 10 Eleventh St.
  • PLASTICS – #1 and #2. remove caps and rinse. (NO #3 – #7)
    • Randolph County Recycling Center @ 10 Eleventh St.
    • Kroger @ 450 11th St.
    • Wal-Mart @ 721 Beverly Pike
    • The WVDEP, RCSWA and Weston Tire and Recycling sponsor occasional tire recycling days. There is a 10 tire per load limit and you must present a valid drivers license for drop-off. Upcoming dates, times and locations are as follows:
      • June 8, 2018, 8a – 3p @ Leslie Bros. Equipment in Norton
      • June 9, 2018, 8a – 3p @ Tygart Valley Sanitation in Dailey
    • The City provides a drop-off location for yard waste at 31 Jones Drive, off Robert E. Lee Ave. Ext. (the old wastewater treatment plant). Click here for more details including times the facility is open and what types are accepted.

Currently there are NO GLASS recycling opportunities in Elkins due to decreased reuse demand and increased restrictions on storage and transportation. However, the City, along with the RCSWA and other partners, is working diligently to meet this need. We recognize and appreciate our citizen’s dedication to keeping recyclable materials out of the waste stream and hope to have information available soon regarding these programs.

If you are interested in learning more about the recycling efforts we encourage you to attend a Recycling Committee meeting. This committee typically meets the last Tuesday of each month at 4:30 pm in Room 212 of City Hall. To be sure no change in the date or time of a meeting has occurred, check our calendar of events prior to attending or contact the City Clerk at 304-636-1414 ext. 1211 or