Training: Addressing Stigma

Did you know that most people who seek recovery from addiction do succeed?

It’s true: Addiction, or substance use disorder, is a treatable chronic health condition.

But negative attitudes about people suffering from this disorder make recovery much harder than it needs to be. When we judge and stigmatize people who are working to get their lives back on track after addiction, we make it harder for them to seek treatment, gain employment, and even find housing.

You can help the many people in our community battling negative perceptions about addiction as they do the hard work of getting better and getting their lives on track—and you might just find your next employee, tenant, or friend by doing so.

Join us for a free Addressing Stigma training session designed to help you counter the negative forces of stigma in our community. The training, presented by West Virginia Prevention Solutions, will be offered as either an in-person or online Zoom-based session.

In-Person Session

Date: March 10
Time: 5:30 p.m.
Location: Phil Gainer Community Center
Register in Advance:

Online Zoom Session

Date: March 8
Time: 12 p.m.
Register in advance for this webinar: March 8th Addressing Stigma Registration

Half Mast Flag: Senator Harry Reid

The U.S. flag at Elkins City Hall is at half mast in honor of the life and legacy of U.S. Senator Harry Reid. See Governor Justice’s proclamation here.

City Hall News: Week of January 10, 2022

Meeting this week are the Elkins Tree Board, the Elkins Planning Commission, the Elkins Board of Zoning Appeals, and the Elkins Police Civil Service Commission. Also meeting are council’s Public Safety Committee, Rules & Ordinances Committee, and Personnel Committee. Christmas trees will be collected curbside through Friday.

Meeting Monday at 10 a.m., the Public Safety Committee will hear updates on body-worn and vehicle cameras and bids received for demolition of dilapidated properties. The committee will also hear reports from city public safety officials.

Later Monday, at 1 p.m., the Planning Commission will continue reviewing and addressing public comments concerning its draft zoning ordinance. For more about the zoning update:

On Tuesday at 4 p.m., the Board of Zoning Appeals will elect officers for 2022 and receive training from the WVU Land Use and Sustainable Development Law Clinic.

Tuesday at 5:30 p.m. in the Darden House (next door to city hall), the Tree Board will elect officers for 2022.

The Rules & Ordinances Committee meets Wednesday at 9 a.m. Discussion will continue concerning sidewalk ownership and responsibility and parking in alleys. The only new business item is a proposed change to the outdoor burning law requested by the Elkins Fire Department.

Meeting Thursday at noon, the Personnel Committee will consider a requested clarification of city policy concerning compensation for temporarily assigned duties and the possibility of instituting a system of longevity pay for city employees.

Later Thursday, at 3 p.m., the Police Civil Service Commission meets to certify the newest list of persons eligible for entry-level appointment and plan a new round of testing for additional candidates.

Christmas trees will be collected for composting through Friday. After removing ornaments, tinsel, and anything else that isn’t a natural part of the tree, please place it at the curb, regardless of where you put trash for collection.

Fourth quarter business and occupation (B&O) tax returns, as well as annual returns (for those businesses that file annually instead of quarterly), are due January 31.

All meetings are at city hall (401 Davis Avenue), unless otherwise stated, and are open to the public. Find agendas and other meeting information here:

Council Committee Diary: October 2021

Following is a summary of committee work from the month of October 2021.

Most council agenda items originate in one of council’s standing or ad hoc committees. You can learn more about council committees here and find meeting times and agendas here.

  • ARPA Advisory Committee: As the name suggests, this committee’s work is entirely devoted to preparing recommendations for council concerning the best uses for the $3 million the city is receiving under the federal American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA). The best place to catch up on this committee’s work is in this post on the city news blog.
  • Finance Committee: At its October 4 meeting, the committee reviewed a request to provide $5,000 for prizes in the Elkins-Randolph County Chamber’s Christmas lights contest but declined to recommend approval to council.
  • Public Safety Committee: At its October 11 meeting, the committee heard an update on body-worn cameras (EPD will test a Motorola model in January) and considered next steps for a collaboration with area businesses to address discarded shopping carts.
  • Personnel Committee: At its October 14 meeting, the committee discussed the city’s policy concerning the definition of full-time employment, the need for additional staff members in the Water Department, and the reappointment of the city treasurer (the committee recommended reappointment).
  • Rules & Ordinances Committee: At its October 13 meeting, the committee asked the police chief and city attorney to research possible changes to the city’s laws concerning the use of ATVs on city streets. This matter will be taken up at its next meeting, which will be held November 10 at 9 a.m. The committee also discussed the possibility of better regulating parking in city alleys.
  • Municipal Properties Committee: After a hearing on the subject, the committee voted to recommend approval of a request by several city property owners for the abandonment of unopened sections of Wilmoth Avenue and Main Street. The committee also voted to recommend approval of a request for the dedication of parking spaces in the Seneca Mall Parking Lot for the use of the Tygart Hotel after completion of planned renovations by Woodlands Development & Lending.
  • Special Hiring Committee: This committee was formed to manage the search for a new operations manager. In order to be able to create an accurate job description, the committee has first been considering possible restructuring of the Operations Department. The job description is still pending and the job opening has not yet been advertised as a result.
  • Planning Commission: At its October 28 meeting, the commission continued work on updating the city’s zoning laws, which were adopted in the 1950s and have not been significantly updated since the 1970s. This update work, which has been underway since 2016, will soon complete. At this meeting, the commission considered which zoning districts should permit docks and what the front setback requirement should be in the Central Business District. The commission also discussed plans for a public open house concerning the proposed zoning ordinance, tentatively scheduled for November 17.

Governor Eases Pandemic Restrictions

From the governor’s website: “During Friday’s briefing, Gov. Justice announced that, after numerous discussions with members of the West Virginia pandemic response leadership team and other state leaders regarding the decreasing number of COVID-19 cases and the increasing number of vaccinated West Virginians, he has decided to issue a series of executive orders, lessening restrictions on several types of businesses, as well as schools, social gatherings, and more.”

Follow this link to learn more and access guidance documents.

City Hall News: July 25, 2020

Last modified on August 13th, 2020 at 12:03 pm

Elkins, W. Va., July 25, 2020: There are currently no council or committee meetings scheduled for next week.

Quarterly B&O tax returns are due to the treasurer’s department by Friday, July 31. If you need a new form, you may download one at this page:

Remember that the hours of the Elkins Municipal Court recently changed. Court is now in session Wednesdays and Thursday, 2-4:30 p.m. The judge is available by appointment Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays, 3-4 p.m., for those needing to contest traffic and/or parking citations. For more information about the municipal court, please visit this web page:

Justice Calls Masks Crucial to Reducing Infections

 May 21, 2020

Masks are crucial to reduce the spread of coronavirus, Governor Jim Justice emphasized at yesterday’s press briefing.

He used the country of Japan as a comparison with the United States.

Japan has lost less than 800 people to coronavirus so far—that is, 800 cumulative coronavirus deaths.

The United States has lost an average of about 1,000 people a day since February 15. Our cumulative virus death toll is more than 93,000 people, as of May 21.

What’s the difference between the two countries?

Masks, Justice explained.

“In the nation of Japan… they’ve all got masks on when they’re outside,” he said. “They’re just trying to look out for themselves.”

Justice urged West Virginia to bring this lesson home to the Mountain State.

“West Virginia, please: wear your mask if you’re going to be out in a group of people,” he said. “Protect yourself and protect others. That’s all there is to it.”

A recent study found that, if 80 percent of people would wear masks, there would be almost no need for continued shutdowns: (This study has not yet been peer reviewed.)

Note on comparing the U.S. and Japan: Japan’s population is 38 percent of the United State’s population. To make an apples to apples comparison, multiply Japan’s deaths by about 2.6. Correcting for population difference this way, Japan’s cumulative coronavirus death toll is the equivalent of about 2,500 deaths in the United States—still considerably less than the United States’s cumulative death toll of more than 93,000.

Governor’s Guidance for Week 4 Reopenings

The official “Week 4” phase of West Virginia’s statewide reopening plan starts Thursday, May 21 (with some categories of businesses allowed to open Monday, May 18).

Below is an excerpt from the governor’s West Virginia Strong: The Comeback web page showing the business categories that may reopen this week (with links to guidance documents showing safety precautions they should, and in some cases must, take):

Note for lodging facilities: The executive order requiring out-of-state travelers to self-quarantine will be lifted in Week 4. In accordance with this change, additional guidance documents are available for hotels, motels, condo hotels, rental properties, and cabins.

Reopening Guidance for Small Businesses, Restaurants, and Churches and Funeral Homes

Last modified on May 12th, 2020 at 04:09 pm

April 29, 2020

As you have probably heard, this week Governor Justice released a plan for the phased reopening of certain West Virginia businesses. You can read that plan here.

Per the governor, if the statewide cumulative percent of positive test results (available at remains below 3 percent through the evening of Wednesday, April 29, “Week 2” of the governor’s reopening plan will commence Monday, May 4. The commencement of Week 2 (and, presumably, each subsequent phase of the reopening plan) will be announced by executive order from the governor’s office. (more…)

Elkins Mayor Proclaims April Donate Life Month in City

Last modified on May 12th, 2020 at 04:13 pm

Elkins, W. Va., April 14, 2020: This week, Elkins Mayor Van Broughton proclaimed April as National Donate Life Month in Elkins. National Donate Life Month honors registered organ donors, donor families, and living donors, as well the researchers, innovators, champions, national partners, and medical professionals who work tirelessly to save and heal lives through transplantation. (more…)

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