City Hall News: Week of March 22, 2021

Elkins, W. Va., March 20, 2021: The only meeting next week is that of the Mayor’s Ad Hoc Committee on Boards and Commissions. Spring Cleanup 2021 starts April 5.

On Thursday at 9 a.m., the Committee on Boards and Commissions considers the Enforcement Agency, the Randolph-Elkins Board of Health, and the Elkins Sanitary Board. Committee members are working to ensure consistency between local and state laws stipulating numbers of members, appointment processes, and related matters. The committee will also review current board and commission vacancies. Find out how to get involved with boards and commissions here:

Spring Cleanup 2021 will occur on the following schedule: First Ward, April 5-6; Second Ward, April 7-8; Third Ward, April 9 & 12; Fourth Ward, April 13-14; Fifth Ward, April 15-16. This service is for residences, not businesses. Appliances, tires, free flowing liquids, batteries, and yard waste will not be accepted. Learn more here:


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