2021 Election Results

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Preliminary results of the March 2, 2021 election will be posted on this page as results are received from polling places. Election results are not final until after canvassing (March 8) and certification (March 10). (Click here to view results from the canvass.)

Vote Tallying and Reporting

Elkins uses paper ballots, which are counted by hand at each polling place after polls close at 7:30 p.m. After counting is complete, poll workers seal the ballots inside the ballot boxes until the canvass (March 8). Election night results are reported on the basis of a signed, sworn certificate of results completed by poll workers.

Poll workers prepare three of these certificates, which are then signed by all four poll workers present at each polling place. One certificate is posted on the door of the polling place immediately after counting is complete; one is sent, under seal, to the W. Va. Secretary of State; and one is opened by the city clerk on election night to report preliminary results to the public.

When to Expect Results

The 2021 election has seen higher than usual turnout during absentee and early voting, so results will likely not become available for announcement for at least an hour or two after polls close.

Results will be posted on this page first, then flagged on the below channels:


Ballot Questions

QuestionsFirst Ward (for/against)Second Ward (for/against)Third Ward (for/against)Fourth Ward (for/against)Fifth Ward (for/against)Total YesTotal No
Adopt Mayor-Manager form of government82/28247/12719/64137/9836/105321676
Pledge compliance with open government laws266/93130/4163/18206/2899/43764223
Increase term of mayor from two to four years192/17395/7939/44157/7872/70555444


CandidatesFirst WardSecond WardThird WardFourth WardFifth WardTotal
Andrew Carroll291676324139
Jerry A. Marco30112974102101707
D.C. Talkington100045
Karen L. Wilmoth373367713166

First Ward Councilor

Robert C. Chenoweth (incumbent)255
Phillips B. Kolsun62
Travis Norwood38

Second Ward Councilor

Charles F. Friddle, III (incumbent)95
Carman Pennington75

Third Ward Councilor

Clint Higgins50
Carman L. Metheny (incumbent)34

Fourth Ward Councilor

Nanci Bross-Fregonara142
Liz Marshall-MacVean96

Fifth Ward Councilor

Howard Knapp, II6
David C. Parker (incumbent)68
Burley Woods66


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