Friendly Summer Reminders

We hope you are enjoying our second wave of summer here in the City of Elkins. Below are just a few reminders on how you can help ensure that your neighbors are enjoying it as well.

  • Please clean up after your pets. While City law only requires dogs (not cats) be leashed while out in public, it does mandate that with any pet you clean up any waste deposited on public or private property. Our City parks provide great outdoor play spaces for you and your pets and they provide free waste disposal bag stations and collection containers.
  • Everyone loves the smell of freshly cut grass, but not everyone, especially those on a bicycle or motorcycle enjoys riding through a pile of it in the street. Not only does this create a dangerous situation for riders, when the rains come (as they always do in Elkins) this material is washed into the storm water system and can cause significant drainage problems. Please dispose of your grass and other yard waste at the City’s drop-off location.
  • These warm temperatures also offer an opportunity for end of season cleaning, but remember that our sanitation department does not pick-up bulk or special items as part of your normal trash collection. If you have large or unusual items, check here to see if the City can accept it and if not, other ways it may be disposed of.
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