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Comprehensive Planning
In order to enforce zoning and land-use laws, rules, and regulations, West Virginia law requires municipalities to adopt and, every ten years, update comprehensive plans. In essence, a comprehensive plan is a policy document that describes a community’s goals for the next decade.

Although a comprehensive plan is not a law, it plays an important role in shaping laws–especially zoning laws–and guiding budget decisions. More information on comprehensive planning is available on the website of the West Virginia University Land Use and Sustainable Development Law Clinic (LUSD).

From early 2013 until late 2014, the Elkins Planning Commission worked on a new comprehensive plan for the City of Elkins. This task, which was guided by consulting services provided by LUSD legal and planning staff, included a great deal of research, public input, and discussion and deliberation among the commissioners.

The commission presented its recommended plan to the Elkins Common Council on December 18, 2014. After a public hearing on January 15, council adopted the plan with no further amendments.

You may view or download PDF files of the plan’s sections at the links below.
(All links are in PDF format. Many free software programs are available for opening PDF documents, one of which is available here.)

Cover and Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Public Safety
Chapter 3: Transportation
Chapter 4: Economic Development
Chapter 5: Land Use (amended 2022)
Chapter 6: Implementation
Chapter 6: Implementation Matrix


Jessica R. Sutton, Elkins City Clerk
Elkins City Hall
401 Davis Avenue
Elkins, WV 26241

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