Council Committees

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Elkins Common Council has five main committees. Members of the public who wish to seek council action on a particular matter should start by bringing this matter to the attention of the appropriate committee chair, who can then plan to discuss it in a committee meeting.

  1.  Finance Committee: Recommends annual budget to council. Supervises budget management and makes reports to council. Reviews and proposes to council municipal debt instruments and grants. Makes fiscal forecasts and reports same to council.
  2. Municipal Properties Committee: Monitors and reports to council on the condition of and proposed plans for city buildings, real estate,and rights-of-way. Reviews and proposes to council capital investment in buildings, real estate, and associated infrastructure.
  3. Personnel Committee: Reviews and proposes to council employment policies, including employee compensation and benefits and an employee handbook. Reviews applications for primary staff positions recommended by the Mayor and makes hiring recommendations to council.
  4. Public Safety Committee: Monitors and reports to council on the activities of, condition of and proposed plans for municipal public safety assets, including police, fire, and emergency services. Reviews and proposes to council capital investment in public safety equipment and infrastructure.
  5. Rules and Ordinances Committee: Considers and proposes to council new and amended ordinances, rules, and policies.

Committee Membership

Finance Committee: 

  • Chair: Mike Hinchman
  • Rob Chenoweth
  • Christopher Lowther

Municipal Properties Committee:

  • Chair: Marilynn Cuonzo
  • Charles Friddle, III
  • Judy Guye

Personnel Committee:

  • Chair: Rob Chenoweth
  • Linda Vest
  • Christopher Lowther

Public Safety Committee:

  • Chair: David Parker,
  • Judy Guye
  • G. Michael Hinchman

Rules and Ordinances Committee:

  • Chair: Nanci Bross-Fregonara
  • Clint Higgins
  • Marilynn Cuonzo

Ad Hoc Committees

Organizational Audit

  • Chair: Charles Friddle, III
  • David Parker
  • G. Michael Hinchman
  • Linda Vest
  • Mayor J. Marco

External Appointments

Addiction and Homeless Resources Collaborative

  • David Parker

Elkins Parks and Recreation Commission

  • Christopher Lowther

Elkins Tree Board

  • Nanci Bross-Fregonara
  • Marilyn Cuonzo

Planning Commission

  • Nanci Bross-Fregonara

Contact Information

Council member contact information is available here.

Committee Meetings
Most committees and commissions meet on a regular schedule, as shown in the table below. However, because meeting times may change due to members’ other commitments, please verify meeting times with the City Clerk. You may also check this page for meeting announcements and agendas.

Elkins City Clerk
Jessica R. Sutton
Phone: (304) 636-1414, ext. 1211
401 Davis Avenue, Elkins, WV, 26241

Organizational Audit (ad hoc)3rd Tuesday1:00 p.m.City Hall
Finance1st Monday10:00 a.m.City Hall
Municipal Properties3rd Wednesday9:00 a.m.City Hall
Personnel2nd Thursday12:00 p.m.City Hall
Public Safety2nd Monday10:00 a.m.City Hall
Rules & Ordinances2nd Wednesday9:00 a.m.City Hall


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