Health Department: Second Positive Coronavirus Case Confirmed in Randolph County

Date: April 1, 2020

Time: 11:30 a.m.

The Randolph-Elkins Health Department (REHD) reports that a second confirmed case of COVID-19 has been identified in Randolph County.  Unlike the first, this case is not associated with travel outside West Virginia or known contact with a positive case.  The source of the infection is unknown and suggests community spread.

“The circumstance of this case suggests that there are unidentified cases of infection in our area and that the number of new cases will increase over the next few weeks,” says Bonnie Woodrum, Infectious Disease Specialist at REHD.  “It is, therefore, more important than ever that everyone practice social distancing, stay at home as much as possible, especially if sick, wash hands frequently, and don’t touch eyes or mouth.”

Trips for essentials should be made by individuals, not as family outings.

Most deaths caused by COVID-19 have been in the elderly but no one is immune.  The first case in Randolph County was a person under 30; the second patient was more than 60. Some infections produce no symptoms but can still be spread to others. Be responsible.

Rumors and inaccurate information may cause unfounded reactions or panic. Please consult reliable sources for latest known facts about COVID-19.

Reliable sources include:


Media contact:

Bonnie Woodrum

P: 304-636-0396

F: 304-637-5902


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