Traffic “Myths”

Would a stop sign be a good way to slow traffic on your street? How about a “Slow: Children Playing” sign? And why does the city wait so long to pave my street?

Courtesy of the WVU Local Technical Assistance Program, here are links to the real stories behind several common “myths” or misconceptions about various traffic/roads-related issues.

  • Myth: “CHILDREN AT PLAY” signs make drivers more alert and drive more slowly. (PDF)
  • Myth: All-way stop signs slow traffic. (PDF)
  • Myth: Traffic signals reduce crashes. (PDF)
  • Myth: Pedestrians should walk in the same direction as traffic when sidewalks are not available. (PDF)
  • Myth: Roundabouts and traffic circles are the same thing. (PDF)
  • Myth: Speed bumps and speed humps are the same. (PDF)
  • Myth: Why is DOH spraying water on the roadway during the winter? (PDF)


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