Sanitary Board Purchases New Truck

The Elkins Sanitary Board recently took delivery of a new truck that will further strengthen the Wastewater Collection Department’s ability to maintain the city sewer system, reduce the risk of environmental mishaps, and save money in the long term.

One crucial component of the city’s sewer system is the eleven lift stations in various locations around town. These small brick buildings, such as the one near the entrance to Glendale Park, contain pumps that help move raw sewage toward the Wastewater Treatment Plant. These pumps sit in deep wells and must be hoisted up for maintenance and repairs.

The truck that the department was using for this purpose, a 2011 F-550 Utility/Crane Truck, would soon have required major repairs. Instead of sinking significant funds into such an old vehicle, the Elkins Sanitary Board used ARPA funds to purchase a new truck.

The new truck is a 2021 5500 Dodge Ram Pickup, which was bought from Elkins Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram. That was only the starting point, however, as the truck needed extensive outfitting in order to meet the department’s needs. Specifically, the truck needed what’s known as a utility service body, an insert for the truck bed that consists of compartments, power sources, and–in this case–a crane for lifting those pumps out. (The crane is not yet installed; this is tentatively scheduled for March.)

“We looked intensively for the best location to purchase the utility/crane bed and found that Big Chimney Auto & Diesel Repair/DBA BC Truck Bodies in Charleston provided the best price and availability,” said Whitney Hymes, the chief operator of the Elkins wastewater system and treatment plant. “Big Chimney replaced the flat bed with a Venturo Crane Body. To help eliminate unnecessary cost we reused the generator and pump and had them installed on the new truck.”

Hymes says that this kind of truck is crucial to her department.

“Without this truck to replace our old one, we would have had to contract this work out and potentially cause environmental concerns if raw sewage could not be pumped for treatment,” she explained. “We also use this truck for maintenance at the treatment plant. We have pumps and equipment in pits, some over 30feet deep. This truck will help us when maintenance needs performed in such areas.With proper maintenance and care this truck should provide long and valuable usage for the City of Elkins.”




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