How to Stay Current on the Governor’s Reopening Plan

May 19, 2020

Since April 30, West Virginia has been in the process of reducing pandemic-related restrictions in weekly phases laid out in Governor Jim Justice’s West Virginia Strong: The Comeback “reopening” plan.

With the frequent announcements of tweaks to this plan (e.g., the official “Week 4” phase didn’t start Monday, it starts Thursday, etc.), it can be easy to lose track of what categories of businesses are allowed to open when.

For a handy reference, check out this page on the governor’s website. The page lists, week by week, the various categories of businesses that are allowed to open and provides links to state-issued guidance documents to enable safer operations for many of them.

The governor also provides a daily press briefing Monday-Friday. You can find the live streams here. They are not always at the same time every day. However, the times are announced various places, including on the Governor’s Twitter stream. If you join late, you can rewind to the beginning while it is still being broadcast and, later, you can view an archived recording–all on this page.

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