Water System Public Meeting

The City of Elkins will hold a public informational presentation on upcoming changes and improvements to the City’s water treatment plant and distribution system. All individuals interested in learning more about the City’s drinking water system are encouraged to attend.

Topics to be addressed include:

  • Discussion on current issues and concerns with the City’s water treatment plant and distribution system
  • Planned changes to the current water treatment process
  • Overview of the Water Improvement Project and its expected benefits

The public meeting will be held at the Elkins Recreation and Event Center at 6:30 p.m. on July 20, 2016.



A new community information service for City residents

The City of Elkins is in the process of creating its own database to notify residents of alerts in a faster manner. These alerts can be sent to residents via text message and/or email in a matter of minutes through Nixle, a community information service.

If you would like to sign up to receive alerts, email Operations Assistant Melody Himes at mhimes@cityofelkinswv.com. Please note your preference to receive alerts via text and/or email. Your information will be added to the database and will not be shared with an outside party.

We would like to thank the Randolph County Office of Emergency Management for graciously sharing access to this service.

For more information, please contact the City of Elkins Operations Division at 304-636-1414 ext. 1437.

Citywide hydrant flushing and flow testing

Citywide hydrant flushing and flow testing will begin at approximately 8 a.m. on Monday, May 16th and continue until all hydrants have been flushed and tested. Hydrant flushing is necessary to maintain water clarity and quality in the distribution lines. Hydrant flow testing is necessary to ensure that the hydrants are capable of providing water at an acceptable pressure and flow rate for firefighting operations.
As a result of the line flushing process, residents in the immediate vicinity of the work may experience cloudy or discolored water. To clear the water, allow cold water faucets to run for approximately 10 minutes. If the water does not clear, try again in one hour. Use caution before washing laundry, especially light colored items.

Elkins Recreation and Event Center Open House

Exciting developments are underway at the Elkins Recreation and Event Center.  Formerly the Elkins National Guard Armory, the building has undergone significant renovations and is primed to be used for a variety of functions – including, but not limited to, concerts, fundraisers, dinners and sporting events.

We are opening our doors to the public on May 18 for a grand opening.  An open meeting of the Elkins Parks and Recreation Commission will begin at 6 p.m., followed by a ribbon cutting with the Elkins-Randolph County Chamber of Commerce.  Guests will be invited to tour the facility – either with a guide or at their own discretion. Snacks and refreshments will be provided.

The Elkins Recreation and Event Center, Elkins Parks and Recreation Commission and City of Elkins, would like to cordially invite you to attend this exciting event. We encourage you to come and see for yourself the progress we’ve made at the facility and find out more about our plans for the future.

Get Involved in Source Water Protection


The City of Elkins has developed a Source Water Protection Plan and would like to invite all customers to attend a public meeting on Tuesday, May 17th at 6:00 p.m. at Elkins City Hall located at 401 Davis Avenue. Please join us to review and comment on the plan.

Please contact the Operations Division for additional information at 304-635-7021. You may also review the SWPP flyer for additional information.


Car Wash Meth Bust

From Chief Cross:

“On the 21st of February, Senior Patrolman K.A. Shiflett along with Patrolman D.T. Sayre responded to the area of Super Splash Car Wash on Randolph Avenue Elkins WV, in reference to a suspicious male subject later identified as, namely Allen Lee White who had attempted to get into a vehicle not belonging to him. The officers located and made contact with White at the car wash.

During the contact the Officers performed an officer safety check of White’s person during which time Senior Patrolman Shiflett felt with his hand what he believed to be methamphetamine (rocks) in White’s left front pocket. S.P Shiflett then questioned White about the contents of his pocket to which White verbally responded with and expletive and then began removing  clear baggies containing a white crystalline like substance appearing to be methamphetamine from his front left pocket.

After removing the baggies from his pocket, White began attempting to rip them open and did not obey S.P. Shiflett’s and Ptlm Sayre’s commands to stop, at which point both officers attempted to take him into custody. White disobeyed the officers’ commands to place his hands behind his back and resisted the officers attempts to gain control of him. During the struggle White was able to rip open two of  the baggies and cause the contents to be strewn about the air and ground.

After gaining control of White and placing him in handcuffs, officers did observe the substance from the ripped open baggies lying about the ground as well as another baggy which still contained a large amount of the suspected methamphetamine. The officers did recover several grams of suspected methamphetamine from the ground and baggies. The substance did also test positive for methamphetamine using a preliminary field test. Allen Lee White was arrested for felony possession of narcotics and transported to the Tygart valley Regional Jail.”

Search Warrant Leads to Heroin Arrest

On February 15, 2016, Corporal G. L. Brown with the Elkins Police Department obtained a search warrant for apartment 2G at Allegheny Apartments  in reference to possession of narcotics. Corporal Brown, along with Corporal M. J. Sigley, Senior Patrolman K.S. Shiflett, and Patrolman A.M. Wyshyvanuk, assisted by troopers from the West Virginia State Police and deputies from the Randolph County Sheriff’s Department, executed the search warrant. Heroin and illegal mushrooms were found inside the apartment.  Brian Michael Barrack was arrested for possession. Chief Cross is extremely grateful to the WVSP and RCSD for all their assistance in executing these search warrants.

More than 100 Truck Loads of Snow Removed from Downtown

WS Jonas cleanupWe have gotten some questions about city snow-removal operations. Here’s what’s been going on and what we have planned.

As soon as flakes started to fly on Friday, plowing and road treatment commenced. Crews from not only the Street Department but also the Water Transmission Department, the Wastewater Collection and Transmission Department, and others worked around the clock until the snow ceased and it was clear that primary and secondary roads would remain open without constant attention. Crews were then sent home for some much-needed rest.

On Monday, the Street Department set to work clearing snow from the city’s central business district. You may have seen the barricades as loaders, graders, plows and dump trucks made their way block by block until today, when Davis Avenue was finally cleared from First Street to Fifth Street. In the process, more than 100 dump-truck loads of snow were transferred to Glendale Park.

The next, and final, phase of our response to Winter Storm Jonas will be to look for and clear additional intersections where piled snow could create traffic hazards. Unfortunately, because the arrival of winter weather does not reduce any of the usual, day-to-day demands on all city departments, we will not be able to mount clearing operations throughout the rest of the city similar to the one just concluded on Davis Avenue.

Once again, we thank those residents who complied with the requirement to clear sidewalks in front of their own houses and businesses, checked on neighbors, dug out each other’s cars, and in general behaved like the resourceful, resilient folks this state is known for. It’s fair to say we dodged a bullet where Jonas was concerned (imagine if that snow had been as wet as during Hurricane Sandy, for example), but it seems everyone did a great job rising to the occasion.

Let’s hope French Creek Freddie has some good news for us next Tuesday!

Elkins Man Shot after Pointing Shotgun at Police

On January 15, 2016 Elkins Police Department (EPD) Senior Patrolman K. A. Shiflett obtained a search warrant for a residence located at 1625 ½ Ward Avenue in reference to illegal narcotics. At approximately 9:45 p.m.,  a team consisting of EPD Senior Patrolman Shiflett, Corporal M.J. Sigley, Patrolman T. C. Bennett, and Patrolman D.T. Sayre; several West Virginia State Police troopers; and several Randolph County Sheriffs Department deputies executed said search warrant. While executing the search warrant, a male subject inside the residence pointed a shotgun at the officers, leaving the officers no choice but to use their firearms to defend themselves. The male subject was struck by bullets fired by the officers. The name of the male subject is not being released at this time. Two other male subjects who were located inside the residence were arrested.

Drunk Driver Arrested After Pursuit

At approximately 9:30 p.m. on January 12, 2016, while patrolling in South Elkins, Elkins Police Department Senior Patrolman K.A. Shiflett observed a black Dodge Grand Caravan traveling west on Eleventh Street at a high rate of speed. Officer Shiflett initiated his cruiser’s emergency lights and siren, but the driver of the vehicle did not stop and instead continued to travel west on Eleventh Street at a high rate of speed in icy conditions, showing reckless indifference for the safety of others.

Officer Shiflett observed the vehicle commit several unsafe passing maneuvers and ignore multiple speed and traffic-control signs and signals before it struck a large rock monument at the entrance to Glendale Park with sufficient force to move it approximately ten feet. The driver then exited the vehicle and fled on foot. Officer Shiflett commenced a foot pursuit while repeatedly commanding the driver to stop and verbally identifying himself as a police officer. The foot pursuit continued into a heavily wooded area of the park, where Officer Shiflett was able to apprehend the driver. Breath analysis of the detainee, identified as Cory Lee Taylor, indicated that his blood alcohol content (BAC) was .157, well in excess of the legal limit of .10, and he was placed under arrest.

Mr. Taylor has been charged for flight in a vehicle from a law-enforcement officer while under the influence of alcohol, a felony punishable by three-to-ten years in state prison. Additional charges related to destruction of park property and unauthorized use of a rental vehicle may be brought once the investigation concludes.