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Code Enforcement

The City of Elkins Code Enforcement Officer strives to preserve the quality and value of public and private property by ensuring that maintenance standards are uniformly and equitably enforced and that all properties are maintained and occupied for use in a safe and appropriate manner. The code enforcement officer also oversees the vacant property and rental registration programs and sidewalk dining.

About Code Enforcement

Using both education and enforcement tools, the city’s code enforcement officer works to maintain a healthy, safe and clean environment for all Elkins residents, businesses, and visitors. For a better understanding of the process of code enforcement, you can review the City of Elkins Code Enforcement Protocol.

If you have information regarding a potential code enforcement violation, please report this to the City’s Code Enforcement Officer on a Request for Investigation form, available in fillable form here and in paper form at the front desk of City Hall.

Among other laws and codes, the code enforcement officer enforces the International Property Maintenance Code.

Common Code Violations
  • Abandoned vehicles
  • High grass
  • Property maintenance
  • Sidewalk obstructions
  • Zoning violations related to animals
  • Vacant structures
  • Backflow prevention
Code Enforcement Does Not Enforce the Following:
  • Unattended and/or unlicensed animals (contact Animal Control at 304.636.2521)
  • Barking dogs (contact Police at 304.636.0678)
  • Cars parked illegally (contact Police at 304.636.0678)
  • Fire code violations (contact Fire Department at 304.636.3433)
  • Illegal drug sales (contact Police at 304.636.0678, or if an emergency, 911)

Rental Registration Program

Before a rental property may be inhabited by tenants, the landlord must obtain the appropriate certificate of occupancy for a rental property. Before this certificate will be issued, the property must be found to comply with the requirements of the City of Elkins Rental Registration Program. Compliance must also be recertified after a new inspection performed every three years.

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Vacant Property Registration

In order to protect public safety and support code enforcement efforts, vacant properties in Elkins must be registered with the Code Enforcement Officer.

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Outdoor Dining Areas

The City of Elkins allows restaurants to offer outdoor dining on public property (e.g., sidewalks) through an administrative permitting process authorized by Chapter 93 of the City Code.

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Dilapidated Structures

Dilapidated structures cause economic, health, and safety issues for the city of Elkins. Removal of these blighted and unsafe structures is imperative to the overall growth and development of the city.

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Zoning Information

As of August 2022, a new city zoning code is in effect in Elkins.

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For More Information

Jessie Wagler

Property Maintenance Code Official

401 Davis Avenue
Elkins, WV 26241
304.636.1414, ext. 1432 (office)

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