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Rental Registration Program

Before a rental property may be inhabited by tenants, the landlord must obtain the appropriate certificate of occupancy for a rental property. Before this certificate will be issued, the property must be found to comply with the requirements of the City of Elkins Rental Registration Program. Compliance must also be recertified after a new inspection performed every three years.

Application and Initial Inspection

The purpose of the City of Elkins Rental Registration Program is to ensure that rental properties meet certain basic safety and health requirements, including structural integrity, fire protection (smoke detectors, ground fault protection, etc.), and proper heating, ventilation, and plumbing.

Although landlords may need to make some changes to their properties before a certificate of occupancy can be issued, the program does not require existing properties to comply with all of the code requirements that would apply to new construction.

  • To download an overview of the Rental Registration Program, please click here.
  • To download Ordinance 171, the legislation governing the program, please click here.
  • To download an application form for a Rental Property Certificate of Occupancy, please click here.

Ongoing Inspections

As mentioned above, every rental property must be re-inspected every three years. The code enforcement officer will work with the owner to be as convenient as possible on inspection scheduling.

To request an inspection of your rental property, please contact us today. Please keep have the following information ready:
  1. Correct Permit Number
  2. Preferred Date and Time for your Inspection
  3. Three Digit Inspection Code
  4. Type of Inspection

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