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Davis Avenue Projects (2023)

The purpose of this page is to provide information about projects affecting traffic flow on Davis Avenue. We will update this page as we receive new information.

Tygart Hotel Lift Work

As of August 17, 2023, the large lift necessitating the closure of two lanes of Davis Avenue in front of the Tygart Hotel is scheduled to be removed today.

A smaller lift will then be used for approximately the next two weeks, and this will necessitate closing only the northbound lane of traffic; the southbound lane should remain open for the time being.

At some point during late August/early September, the large lift will return (again necessitating the closure of both lanes of Davis Avenue). The large lift will be used for removal of the vinyl cornice and for making any needed repairs to the wood structure behind it. The extent of those repairs is unknown.  Depending on what the contractor finds under that vinyl cornice, the large lift might be in use (and both lanes of Davis Avenue closed in front of the Tygart Hotel) anywhere from 1-5 weeks.

The contractor is aware of the approach of the Mountain State Forest Festival and will of course have both lanes open for the parade and festivities.

Davis Avenue Bridge Replacement

The bridge carrying Davis Avenue across the Tygart Valley River is more than 70 years old. Recent inspections indicate that this bridge is in “poor” condition and will soon need repair or replacement. This bridge is now scheduled for replacement through a program run by West Virginia Division of Highways (DOH).

The benefit of having the Davis Avenue Bridge replaced through this state program is that there will be minimal cost to the city for a project that will likely have a budget of at least $4 million. The drawback is that the city will have minimal control over the planning and timing. All DOH has announced regarding timing is that the project must be complete no later than 2030.

However, DOH has assured that the city will be involved in the design process, which in turn will come well in advance of the actual work and any need for closures. That should make it possible to make announcements well in advance of any actual traffic disruptions, and plans are being formulated for doing so.

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