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Streetscape Improvement Plan

In an effort to continue the beautification of downtown, City of Elkins hired GAI Consultants Community Solutions Group in September 2022 to develop a vision for multiple streetscape improvement projects within the downtown commercial core, as well as adjacent transitional and residential blocks. The study area of the master plan is contained by the perimeter streets of Railroad Avenue, 1st Street, John Street, and State Route 33 (Randolph Avenue), in addition to the internal street network maintained by the city and residents.

Streetscape enhancements were developed to encourage design consistency within the urban area of Elkins while promoting the cultural character of the city. Additionally, the improvements within the public realm will assist in the overall effort to revitalize the downtown core, improve the local economy, and help attract new businesses and visitors while increasing the quality of life for Elkins residents.

The master plan report includes analysis, concepts, materials pallet, and recommendations for streetscape improvements.

The plan also include more general recommendations within the streetscape hierarchy and provides a revised approach to Tablet Square at the Rail Depot. The master plan creates a vision for future development within Downtown Elkins and helps to create a safe, aesthetic, and functional approach to streetscape design which the city can implement throughout the years as funds become available.

As of Spring 2023, funding for streetscape improvements is being sought through Congressionally Directed Spending and Tax Increment Financing.

Plan Documents

Use the following links to download the streetscape plan, the public presentation about the plan, the executive summary of the plan, and the map showing the plan’s project area.

Download the Presentation

Download the Executive Summary

Download the Streetscape Plan

Download the Project Area Map

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