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Dilapidated Structures

Dilapidated structures not only detract from the aesthetic appeal of our neighborhoods but also present significant hazards to public well-being. Recognizing the importance of maintaining a safe and healthy environment for our citizens, the city looks for every opportunity to address the removal of dilapidated structures that pose economic, health, and safety risks to our community.

In addition to dedicating funds for demolition in each year’s budget, the city also actively seeks grants and other outside funding to help accomplish this aim. Through proactive measures and strategic allocation of resources, we endeavor to enhance the quality of life for all residents by addressing these pressing concerns. Learn more about our efforts and how you can contribute to creating a safer and more vibrant Elkins.

Dilapidated Properties Program (DLAP)

Elkins has made significant strides in addressing hazardous structures, thanks to the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection’s (WVDEP) Dilapidated Properties Program (DLAP). Bolstered by a substantial $300,000 grant received as part of the DLAP pilot phase in 2022, Elkins expanded its demolition initiatives beyond its previous annual budget of $50,000, resulting in the removal of eleven blighted properties and the reclamation of their respective sites.

The collaboration between the City of Elkins and WVDEP underscores a shared commitment to tackling the pervasive issue of dilapidated structures. While past efforts relied solely on municipal resources, the infusion of WVDEP grant funding has been transformative, allowing for accelerated progress in addressing blighted properties. Looking ahead, Elkins remains optimistic about future collaborations with WVDEP to secure resources for continued demolition initiatives, recognizing the pivotal role such endeavors play in fostering community revitalization and improving the overall quality of life for its residents.

For the most recent update on the City of Elkins’ Dilapidated Properties Program (DLAP) Grant Funding, click the image below to progress through the presentation:

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Property Maintenance Code Official

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