5/9 Paving Plans

On Monday (5/9), Southern West Virginia Paving will be working on Wilson Street, Central Street, and South Davis Avenue near Robin Hood Lane (“S. Davis section 2” on the embedded map below). There is no parking on these streets Monday. Please obey the temporary “no parking” signs on these streets.




More Information on Spring 2022 Paving

This month, Southern West Virginia Paving will be milling, paying, and/or apply overlay to certain streets and alleys in all five wards.

Sections of the following streets and alleys are scheduled for work this spring: South Davis Avenue, Riverview Drive, 13th Street, South Henry Avenue, Bridgewater Drive, Riverbend Drive, West Davis Street, South Earle Street, Chestnut Street, Wilson Street, Central Street, Woodford Drive, Fields Lane, Bruce Street, 1st Street, 5th Street, the alley behind the YMCA, and the t-shaped alley bounded by Boundary Avenue, Earle Street, Elm Street, and Guy Street. (Explore a map below, with purples lines indicating the streets where paving operations are planned.)

It is usually not practical to announce in advance which streets will be affected on which days, because work plans can shift on a dime in response to changing weather, contractor personnel and equipment availability, and breakdowns. Please keep an eye out for temporary “no parking” signs and monitor this site and our Facebook page. We will provide as much information as possible, as soon as possible. We appreciate your patience and flexibility. (For more information about paving in Elkins, including how streets are selected, see this FAQ page.)


Paving Work Starts Monday

It’s that time of year again!

On Monday, at 7 a.m., Southern West Virginia Paving will begin milling and paving in various areas in all five wards. Street Department personnel will post “no parking” notices on Sunday on the streets that will be affected first.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of this work and how often plans must change in response to weather and other factors, it is not possible for us to announce an overall schedule for this work.

Please keep an eye out for temporary “no parking” signs on Sunday. We will post updates with more detailed information as possible.

Follow this link for answers to frequently asked questions about street paving and patching in Elkins.

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