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Outside of the Central Business District, parking in Elkins is unrestricted, meaning that no special authorization or sticker is required for most on-street parking. No-parking zones are designated by signs and, in some cases, yellow paint on the curb. City code stipulates that, on two-way streets, vehicles must be parked with their right wheels against the right curb (i.e., facing the same direction as traffic on that side of the street). Vehicles parked in one location for more than 72 hours may be towed. Parking in alleys is allowed, provided that there is still available at least 10 feet width of roadway for the free movement of vehicular traffic.

This section explains downtown parking rules and shares information about city-operated parking lots as well as the rules for parking during operation of our street sweeper. Additional information about city parking rules can be found by visiting our Downtown Elkins Parking Map app.

Parking in the Central Business District

In the city’s downtown Central Business District (see map below), parking is limited on many but not all streets to three hours, Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. On the below map, streets with 3-hour limits are marked green. There are no meters, but this time limit is enforced by city police. If you need to stay longer than three hours, there is no restriction against moving your car to another parking spot after the conclusion of the first three hours. There is also free parking in the lot behind city hall. If you need to make a quick visit to city hall, you may use the 15-minute parking zone in front of the building, on Davis Avenue. No parking is allowed in alleys in the downtown, except for 30 minutes when actively unloading goods, wares, or merchandise.

Parking Lots

In addition to the free parking lot behind city hall, the city operates two parking lots where spaces may be rented for $15 a month. Parking space rentals are administered by the Treasurer’s Department.

One of these paid lots is located at Seneca Mall (near the intersection of Second Street and Kerens Avenue, or “1” on the map above). The other paid lot is located at the intersection of Third Street and Railroad Avenue, or “2” on the map above.

Street Sweeper Parking Rules

To reduce strain on our wastewater treatment plant and to maintain a visually attractive streetscape, the City of Elkins operates a street sweeper from late spring through early fall. We always announce the start and end dates of the street sweeper season on our website, via the city’s informational email list (subscribe here:, and on the city’s Facebook page (

The street sweeper operates Monday-Friday during the spring, summer, and fall, visiting each street once per week. During the street sweeper’s operating season, city police ticket vehicles left parked on streets scheduled for cleaning. Download this year’s schedule and learn more here:

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