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Source Water Protection Plan

The goal of the West Virginia Bureau of Public Health’s source water assessment and protection program is to prevent degradation of source waters that may preclude present and future uses of drinking water supplies. All public water utilities, such as City of Elkins, must maintain a current source water protection plan (SWPP). The purpose of an SWPP includes identifying, prioritizing, and minimizing potential threats to the source of our drinking water; planning for emergency response to incidents that could compromise the water supply; and planning for future expansion and development.

Please read the 2019 Elkins Source Water Protection Plan.

Download Plan

The following sections of the Elkins SWPP are redacted for security reasons.

  • Pages 12-20
  • Pages A-1 thru A-23
  • Pages B -1 thru B-3
  • Pages C-11 thru C-15

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