Training: Addressing Stigma

Did you know that most people who seek recovery from addiction do succeed?

It’s true: Addiction, or substance use disorder, is a treatable chronic health condition.

But negative attitudes about people suffering from this disorder make recovery much harder than it needs to be. When we judge and stigmatize people who are working to get their lives back on track after addiction, we make it harder for them to seek treatment, gain employment, and even find housing.

You can help the many people in our community battling negative perceptions about addiction as they do the hard work of getting better and getting their lives on track—and you might just find your next employee, tenant, or friend by doing so.

Join us for a free Addressing Stigma training session designed to help you counter the negative forces of stigma in our community. The training, presented by West Virginia Prevention Solutions, will be offered as either an in-person or online Zoom-based session.

In-Person Session

Date: March 10
Time: 5:30 p.m.
Location: Phil Gainer Community Center
Register in Advance:

Online Zoom Session

Date: March 8
Time: 12 p.m.
Register in advance for this webinar: March 8th Addressing Stigma Registration

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