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Thank you for your interest in joining the Elkins Fire Department. The City of Elkins Fire Department is recruiting firefighters to further its mission to provide emergency and nonemergency services for the citizens entrusted to our care. Elkins firefighters are proud to serve with honor and integrity, treating everyone we encounter with fairness and respect. As a team, we never stop in the pursuit of excellence in all that we do.

Specific Duties & Responsibilities

  • Probationary firefighters suppress and control fires in structures and other locations using specialized knowledge and tools.
  • Conducts rescue efforts for individuals involved in accidents, as well as provides emergency medical attention.
  • Rescue victims from burning, accident sites, and water hazards.
  • Dress with equipment such as fire-resistant clothing and breathing apparatus.
  • Asses fires and situation and report conditions to superiors to receive instructions, using two-way radios.
  • Move toward the source of a fire, using knowledge of types of fires, construction design, building materials, and physical layout of properties.
  • Respond to fire alarms and other calls for assistance, such as automobile and industrial accidents.
  • Create openings in buildings for ventilation or entrance, using axes, chisels, crowbars, electric saws, or core cutters.
  • Inspect fire sites after flames have been extinguished to ensure that there is no further danger.
  • Position and climb ladders to gain access to upper levels of buildings, or to rescue individuals from burning structures.
  • Select and attach hose nozzles, depending on fire type, and direct streams of water or chemicals onto fires.
  • Maintain contact with fire dispatchers at all times to notify them of the need for additional firefighters and supplies, or to detail any difficulties encountered.
  • Collaborate with other firefighters as a member of a firefighting crew.
  • Participate in fire drills and demonstrations of fire fighting techniques.
  • Maintain knowledge of current firefighting practices by participating in drills and by attending seminars, conventions, and conferences.
  • Prepare written reports that detail specifics of fire incidents.
  • Participate in physical training activities to maintain a high level of physical fitness.
  • Protect property from water and smoke, using waterproof salvage covers, smoke ejectors, and deodorants.
  • Inform and educate the public on fire prevention.
  • Salvage property by removing broken glass, pumping out water, and ventilating buildings to remove smoke.
  • Orient self in relation to fire, using compass and map, and collect supplies and equipment dropped by parachute.
  • Clean and maintain fire stations and fire fighting equipment and apparatus.
  • Inspect buildings for fire hazards and compliance with fire prevention ordinances, testing and checking smoke alarms and fire suppression equipment as necessary.
  • Take action to contain any hazardous chemicals that could catch fire, leak, or spill.
  • Extinguish flames and embers to suppress fires, using shovels or engine-or hand-driven water or chemical pumps.
  • Search to locate fire victims.
  • Administer first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation to injured persons or provide emergency medical care such as basic or advanced life support.
  • Operate pumps connected to high-pressure hoses.

Compensation & Other Benefits

The City Of Elkins Fire Department provides a competitive compensation and benefits package to its officers.

  • Probationary Period: Base pay $43,429 annually
  • Non-Probationary: Base pay $46,000 annually
  • Compensation increases: Firefighters may be eligible for advancement by Civil Service promotion.
  • Overtime: Paid at one and one-half times base hourly rate.
  • Schedule: Fire Department personnel work a 3-shift cycle, 24 hours on duty and 48 hours off duty. This schedule is subject to change.
  • Annual leave: Starting at 78 hours per year, with periodic increases
  • Personal days: Three per year after first January 1 worked
  • Sick leave: 130 hours per year
  • Holidays: Eleven paid holidays per year (with two additional during federal election years.) Firefighters may be scheduled to work on holidays
  • Health insurance: Employer pays majority of WV PEIA health insurance coverage
  • Life insurance: Employer pays for first $10,000; additional coverage available at minimal employee cost
  • Retirement: New Civil Service firefighters participate in the WV Municipal Police and Fire Pension Fund. Firefighters contribute 9.5 percent of each gross pay. The City contribution is determined annually by actuarial requirement.

The Hiring Process

  • City announces a new test date (tests consist of an online exam, physical fitness testing, and interviews by the three members of the appropriate civil service commission). These announcements are made via newspaper advertisements as well as the city’s informational email list (sign up using form in right sidebar of any page on this website) and Facebook page.
  • Applicants follow instructions to apply.
  • Applicants should immediately begin training for the physical fitness test, because many candidates fail it.
  • Written exam scores, interview scores, and various adjustments (e.g., points for military service, etc.) are used to generate a score for each applicant.
  • Applicants are ranked by score on the new “eligible list”, which is then published and provided to the relevant department (i.e., police or fire). This concludes the civil service commission’s role in the hiring process.
  • When the department has an opening to fill, it evaluates the top candidates (Civil Service exam, physical agility testing, background check, and interview with the chief). Applicants who make it through all of these steps are then offered employment.
  • Lists are good for three years or until all candidates have been either offered employment or rejected by the relevant department.
  • Low placement on the list does not necessarily mean you will not be hired. The fire department’s hiring process often eliminates many candidates (usually because of the physical agility test).
This list is offered for informational purposes only; legislative and administrative changes may result in a different order to or modification of some steps.

Throughout this process, the most important thing is patience: between placing on the list and being offered employment, a year or two (or more) might elapse. Firefighting is a calling, not a job. If you feel truly called to serve, be patient and do not give up!

Minimum Training & Experience

  • Firefighter applicants must be 18-40 years old on the day of the test.
  • Must be able to pass a Civil Service Exam

Civil Service Exam

Civil Service Exam Preparation

  • Possession of valid drivers license.
  • Must be able to pass a Physical Agility Test

Physical Agility Test

Physical Agility Testing Preparation

Advisory to Firefighter Applicants

Because the Elkins Fire Department holds its firefighters to high standards, we subject all applicants to:

  • Exhaustive background investigations. These include but are not limited to searches of government databases for arrests, convictions, and confirmation of details about military service. We also conduct interviews of family members, employers, and acquaintances. These interviews are not limited to people who have agreed to provide you with references. We interview anyone we choose.
  • Medical and physical testing. Not everyone is suited for firefighting, either mentally or physically. A doctor will examine you to ensure that you meet our medical standards. (You must also pass a challenging physical fitness test during the application process. Many applicants fail this test, so please review the physical agility testing process immediately.)

In addition to past criminal activity, we are also searching for any other factors that indicate poor judgment or weak moral character. Grounds for rejection include (but are not limited to):

  • Past termination for cause from other fire departments.
  • Termination for certain causes by other past employers.
  • Drug use or related activity, even if you were never arrested or convicted of a crime.
  • Personal indiscretions. Examples include but are not limited to inappropriate pictures on the internet, a reputation for disorderly behavior or violence, and indications of an inability to show professionalism toward all members of our community.

Age Requirements

Elkins Civil Service Rules and Regulations requires you be between the ages of eighteen (18) and forty (40) on the test date.

Residency Requirement City Policy

Requires civil service firefighters to reside with ten (10) radius (“as the crow flies”) miles from the fire station. If you are appointed to the fire department, you must comply with this requirement prior to the completion of your probationary period. You must continue to reside within 10 miles of the fire station throughout your employment with the department.

Lifts Weight or Exerts Force

The employee occasionally lifts to 100 pounds; seldom more than 100 pounds; the employee frequently lifts to 50 pounds; and regularly lifts to 25 pounds.

Work Environment

The employee occasionally works in wet or humid conditions (non-weather); occasionally works near moving mechanical parts; occasionally works in high, precarious places; occasionally works around fumes or airborne particles; or toxic or caustic chemicals; occasionally works in outdoor weather conditions; Extreme cold (non-weather); Extreme heat (non-weather); may work with risk of electrical shock; with explosives; and/or risk of radiation. Wear Common Protective or Safety Equipment such as Safety Shoes, Glasses, Gloves, Hearing Protection, Hard Hats, or Life Jackets.

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The Elkins Fire Department Is Not Hiring At This Time

This job description is not an employment agreement or contract.  Management has the exclusive right to alter this job description at any time without notice.

The City of Elkins is an equal-opportunity employer. All applicants will be considered for employment without attention to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, veteran or disability status.

For More Information

Steve Himes

Fire Chief

216 Fourth Street
Elkins, WV 26241
304.636.3433 (office)
304.637.1777 (fax)

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