Interactive Map for Mountain State Forest Festival
By: Jeremy DeighanOctober 2, 2023

Interactive Map for the Mountain State Forest Festival

Here is an Interactive Map for the Mountain State Forest Festival. This map is to be used as a guide for the carnival, parade routes, and parking/non-parking areas in and around the downtown Elkins area.


  • Green: Parking Areas
  • Red: Non-Parking Areas
  • Purple: Carnival Area
  • Maroon: Parade Route
  • Blue: Parade Staging Routes
  • Orange: Detour Route

Please note that any of this information is liable to be changed during the week. Road closures will take place during parade times, and there will be no parking on Sycamore St. on Thursday during the unloading and loading of school buses for Kids Day In The Park.

For more information, please read the Disclaimer below.


This map serves as a visual guide to parking and non-parking zones in the downtown Elkins area. Users should be aware that while every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this map, actual conditions and regulations on the ground may vary. The information provided is not guaranteed to be up-to-date or comprehensive, and routes or designated areas may change over time.

Parking availability is subject to periodic restrictions, especially during local events. As an example, although parking along Davis Ave. is generally accessible, there may be times, such as during parades or other special events, when it is restricted. Additionally, users are reminded to always exercise due diligence and adhere to all official road signs and instructions when parking. Visual indications on this map should not be seen as overriding any physical signs or guidance found at the parking location itself.

It’s important to note that some parking areas in the downtown region might impose specific time limits, like a 3-hour maximum, while others may be entirely unrestricted. At all times, it’s crucial for users to check and abide by any posted time limitations or conditions. Unauthorized parking in private or designated restricted areas can lead to vehicles being towed, with all associated costs, including those for towing and storage, being the responsibility of the vehicle owner.

In all situations, we advise users to exercise their best judgment and ensure that their parking decisions are in line with local laws and regulations. This map is intended as a guide and not an exhaustive or definitive source on parking regulations in downtown Elkins.

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